Urinary Traction Infection (UTI), Male

(Cystitis in Men)



Inflammation or infection of the urinary bladder.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Burning and stinging on urination.
  • Frequent urination, although the urine amount maybe small.
  • Increased urge to urinate even when bladder si empty.
  • Pain in the pubic area.
  • Penile discharge.
  • Low back pain.
  • Blood in the urine.
  • Low fever.
  • Bad-smelling urine.
  • Lack of urinary control (sometimes).


  • Bacteria that reach the bladder from another part of the body through the bloodstream.
  • Bacteria that enter the urinary tract from skin around the genitals and anal area.
  • Injury to the urethra.
  • Use of a urinary catheter to empty the bladder, such as following childbirth or surgery.
  • Over-large prostate gland.
  • Structural defect in the urinary tract. 
  • Infection in other parts of the genitourinary system.
  • Illness that has lowered resistance.
  • Excess alcohol consumption.
  • Obsruction of urine in the urinary tract in men, usually by partial obstruction caused by an enlarged or inflamed prostate gland.
  • Recent surgery with cateterization.


  • Diagnostic tests may include urinalysis, careful urine collection for bacterial culture, cystoscopy (examination of the bladder with a lighted optical instrument)and ultrasound.
  • Treatment is usually with antibiotics.
  • Warm baths may help relieve discomfort.


  • Antibiotics to fight infection.
  • Antispasmodics to relieve pain.


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